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    Thailand's Rich and
    Exotic Cuisine

    Thailand's rich culinary heritage was
    one of its best kept secrets. The
    experience of  the subtle blend of tastes
    and textures that make a Thai meal so
    memorable. Thai food is most often
    steamed, quickly stir fried in a flame, or
    grilled and served with sauce, such
    cooking, plus the use of fresh
    ingredients, make it unusually healthy.
    Thai meals offer a combination of
    tastes: sweet, salty, and sour with hot
    and bitter often a minor flavor.
    The ingredients are imported and
    delivered direct to our restaurants every
    week. Good quality meat and no MSG is
    used in our cooking. This may seem like
    a big menu, but our experienced chefs
    would like our customers to have a
    variety of choice.

    EatwithPete: Joey Thai
    Sanoh Yunprayong - aka Joey Thai -  
    prepares a variety of dishes at his  
    Montclair restaurant, including the  
    aromatic, amazing panang curry.
    Montclair is home to several well -
    known Thai restaurants; Joey Thai,
    a small, spare storefront on
    Bloomfield Avenue, is better.
    (Video by Pete Genovese).
    Uploaded by pgenoves on 03/05/09
    joey thai.html

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First learned of Joey Thai
from a show on The Cooking
Channel and since I love
Thai food and it's very close
to go and try it out.  Boy am I
glad I went!!  Took my folks
who never tried Thai food
out for a late lunch.  We met
Joey, the owner and chef,
who was the most gracious
host.  We learned that his
mother began teaching him
how to cook when he was
just 6 years old.  

Yelp,Nassir F.Bloomfield, NJ
This food is so good. Get
the Pad Thai! The
mussels were very tasty.
The owner is the chef
too.. he's an amazing

Yelp, Mandi D.
East Greenwich, RI