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    A 1    Vegetable Spring Roll                                                         5.95
              Fried veggie spring roll with plum sauce
    A 2    Vegetable Dumpling                                                            6.95
             Steamed or fried veggie dumpling with sweet soy sauce
    A 3    Chicken Satay                                                                       6.95
             Grilled marinated chicken on skewer with peanut sauce & cucumber salad
    A 4    Wings                                                                                      6.95
             Crispy chicken wings tossed in the wok with chili sauce
    A 5    Curry Puffs                                                                            6.95
               Crispy puff pastry filled with curry chicken served with cucumber salad
    A 6    Fried shrimp Roll                                                                 6.95
             Fried wrapped shrimp with rice paper served with plum sauce
    A 7    Fried Calamari                                                                      6.95
             Crispy fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce
    A 8    Thai Fish Cake                                                                     6.95
                Fried grounded fish mixed with red curry sauce, long bean
                served with cucumber sweet chili sauce & crushed peanut
    A 9    Crispy Tofu                                                                           6.95
                Lightly crushed tofu served with crushed peanut &sweet chili sauce
    A10  Edamame                                                                               6.95
             Steamed soy bean with sea salt
    A11  Chicken & Shrimp Shumai                                                6.95
              Steamed or fried grounded chicken & shrimp wrapped in wonton skin
                served with sweet soy sauce
    A12  Fresh Summer Roll                                                              6.95
                Rice paper wrapped with angel hair noodles & mixed vegetable served
                with house tamarind sauce topped with crushed peanuts
    A13  Thai Chive Pancake                                                             6.95
              Fried chive pancake served with sweet soy sauce
    A14  Spare Rib                                                                                6.95
              Fried tamarind pork spare rib with fresh garlic served with chili sauce
    A15   Hoi Jor (Thai Crabmeat roll)                                              6.95
             Fried stuffed chicken & crabmeat served with plum sauce