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Tel 973-509-7717
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Tel 973-509-7717

              Chef's Creation

    SP 1  Duck Tamarind                                                              17.95
              Crispy half boneless duck with tamarind sauce
                 & a side of steamed vegetables
    SP 2  Duck Pineapple curry                                                  17.95
               crispy half boneless duck with bell pepper, tomato,
                 pineapple & basil in red curry sauce
    SP 3  Clay Pot Shrimp                                                            17.95
              Shrimp baked with glass noodles, scallion &
                 cilantro in clay pot
    SP 4  Hot Ocean                                                                       17.95
              Sauteed shrimp, mussel, squid with baby corn,
                 mushroom, onion, bell pepper in chili basil sauce
    SP 5  Chicken Rama                                                               17.95
              Steamed chicken breast topped with house peanut
                 sauce on a bed of steamed broccoli
    SP 6  Salmon Panang                                                             17.95
              Pan seared salmon with string bean, bell pepper
                 & coconut milk in panang curry
    SP 7  Salmon Mango                                                               17.95
              Pan seared salmon served with mango salad
    SP 8  Beef with Oyster sauce                                                17.95
              Sliced beef served with onion & scallion
    SP 9  Garlic Soft Shell Crab                                                   17.95
              Stir fried soft shell crab with garlic sauce